Star Trek: Japanese Promotions

Apparently the last Star Trek bombed in Japan, so as punishment to Japanese fans, it was decided that the new movie’s release date would not coincide with the general international timeframe of early to mid-May; Star Trek: Into Darkness would be released in Japan in August or September. (Seriously; check IMDB. We were slated for a September 13th release date, but they bumped it up to August 23rd now.)

Supposedly the reason for the delay was to better promote the new movie in Japan, but I can’t say that my geek sense has picked up much in the way of a promotion…

I’ve seen these vending machines plastered with life-size Kirk and Spock decals in a few places this summer…



The ONLY other thing I’ve come across is Star Trek sesame-flavored tofu, which is sitting in my frig now, waiting for me to eat it. (I love everything sesame, so doubtless I would have tried this regardless…I think it’s supposed to be a dessert!)
UPDATE: No idea what made us think it was sesame tofu…maybe the black packaging? It’s just plain tofu, but it was so good that we’ve decided to switch brands.


I will report in if the market is suddenly flooded with geeky goodness in August.

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